Camp/Tents in Rishikesh

Enjoy the natural and beautiful stay near Holy River Ganges in camp/Tent facility provided by us. To enhance your stay and make it wonderful, these tents have been decorated to provide you a homely stay. Each tent can accommodate two beds that are available in the Riverside/Beach Rafting Camp Tents like Lifemission Camp Shivpuri,Camp Valley View, Deluxe Camp Shivashish, Camp Roller Coaster Shivpuri, Marine Drive Beach Camp, Shivpuri Beach Camp, Brahmpuri Beach Camp, Jungle Camp, Luxury Jungle Camp, Devprayag Camp and School Summer Camp. Nutritious food is served, that is cooked in tent kitchen and served to you steaming hot. As tents are near Ganges no electricity is available in these tents. Though, lanterns will be provide. For all those people who love fun and adventure, it is an opportunity they would scarcely like to miss.

Dining Area River Side Beach/Jungle Camp - Corporate Conference Area in Camping Side in Rishikesh
We believe that good food makes up for half the holiday fun. We provide our guest travellers with delicious and hygienic dining arrangement. The dining area is well maintained and the food provided is freshly cooked, clean and vegetarian. The food is prepared by our trained chefs, who are working with us for years. You get to have pure vegetarian food as per buffet system.

Your breakfast would consist of hot tea, coffee, eggs, bread, butter, jam etc. Traditional Indian breakfast including parathas and sabji are also available.

Because we understand your hygienic preferences, we use mineral water both for drinking and cleaning purposes. There is a different menu on offer every single day to keep the variety element. If you are booking in groups, we provide you with options where you can pre-decide what you would like to have in lunch and dinner. Our travel assistant would make sure that your food needs are well taken care of. If you wish to have your meals outside the beach, this can also be arranged. Till the dinner is served, you can spend some quality time sitting around the campfire and share your travel stories and experiences with your loved ones.
We can use for this River Side Beach Camp Dining Area as Corporate Meeting and Corporate Conference.

Beach Volleyball Activities

ATo spend your evening and your leisure time, you can choose to play the game of beach volley ball, close to the campsite. The best thing about the game is it causes less sports related injuries as compared to other team sports. You can enjoy the sport of volley ball with your family and friends. It fun to play on soft sandy natural floor. Simply, people of any age group can indulge in this sports activity. It is also a good exercise to motivate your energy level. While travelling in group with like minded people, beach volley ball can also provide you with the opportunity of making new friends.
If you like taking up challenges, we have our top volley ball players on the beach. You can learn a lot of technical skills from these experts. With the river flowing on one side and mountains all around, the game is truly going to be a unique experience for you. The volley ball court is full size and twelve people can join in the game at one time. In short, it is one of the most fantastic ways to spend your evening on the sandy beach.

Mountaineering Trekking Activities

If you want to appreciate the impressive mountain ranges of the Himalayas, undertake a trek. The sport of trekking brings you in close contact with the local people of the country. Trekking in Uttarakhand gives you a wonderful opportunity to be in contact with the locals and appreciate the mountain environments. The Garhwal and Kumaon regions of the state of Uttarakhand have long been known for providing excellent opportunities of trekking. As you trek through and in Rishikesh, you can feast your eyes upon the snowy peaks of the Himalayas, get acquainted with the region's natural riches and enjoy heart-warming views of sunset. Passing through forested valleys, Hindu settlements, temple site and mountain village is an experience you will cherish all your life.

Your Trek in Rishikesh will start from Thalisain and passing through Pauri. You will be taken to Kondolia, at a distance of 5 km from Thalisan, to soak up scenic sunsets. Lunch will be served en route. There will be programmes of sightseeing as well. Food will be fresh and served hot. The arrangement of dinner will be at the campsite, located overlooking the beaches on Ganga in Rishikesh. Options of beach volleyball are also available at the camp. To relax, you can spend around the bonfires and share stories with your close ones. Remember, trekking is not just an adventure sport but an addiction.

Body Surfing Activities

How does it feel to ride a wave without using any surf board? Yes, be ready to swim with the wave and let the motion of the current take you with it. It is interesting to note that, during body surfing, you can steer yourself just like the playful seals. You can ride the wave for as long as you wish but you will need to streamline your body. Though body surfing is done with a pair of swim fins, you can also carry accessories like hand paddles, hand guns, wave blades etc. These accessories will assist to get a better positioning on the wave face and you will also gather up extra speed. Though body surfing can be done without swim fins too, being finned during the activity will only make it more enjoyable and fun.

Waterfall Trekking Activities

We offer Waterfall Trekking Activity in Rishikesh Uttarakhand India. Neer gaddu Waterfall 4kms Trek bothside from tapovan Rishikesh. Three location waterfall in rishikesh


Water Adventure Sports and Activities in Rishikesh
- Basic River Rafting (Float Trips)
- White Water Rafting (Adventure Trips)
- Cliff Jumping
- Body Surfing
- Kayaking
- Motorboat Rides
- Waterfall Trek
Campsites and Camping Activities in Rishikesh
- Beach Camp
- Riverside Jungle Camp
- Volleyball
- Nature Treks
- Rock Climging
- Rappelling
- Obstacle Courses
- Burma Bridge
- Parallel Rope
- Commando Net
- Tug of War
- Valley Crossing
- Cricket
- Badminton
- Bonfire
- Corporate Team Building Games
- Board Games
- Conference
- Paintball Adventures

Extreme Adventure Sports in Rishikesh

- Bungee Jumping
- Giant Swing
- Flying Fox

Needless to say, Rishikesh is an all-in-all destination with something for everyone. Hope the above list of adventure sports in Rishikesh helps you in planning that perfect trip to Rishikesh. If one is not adventurous, one can just relax and admire the beauty of the Himalayas, visit the yoga centers or enjoy various cuisines at the food street near the Laxman Jhoola.